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Since 1981

Mau West is one of the leading and fastest growing waterproofing firms in East Africa. We are total experts in new and old gutters, roofs, water retaining and water excluding structures.

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Learning Institutions

Medical labs, with specialties like clinical testing, blood bank, anatomical pathology or microbiology, must meet around-the-clock and highly time-sensitive quality demands.

As hospital-based clinical laboratories struggle to keep up with new diagnostic technologies, genetics pathology, and increased automation, high-performing flooring systems can greatly support the efforts involved in maintaining a contaminant-free environment.

From bacteriostatic properties to chemical resistance and static dissipation, laboratory floor coatings can make a difference.


Floor systems provide seamless flooring and aesthetically pleasing environment Floor costings minimize spread of bacteria.







Floor Coatings to Meet the Demands of Labs

The diagnostic lab is a highly sensitive space for any hospital. Laboratories must stand up to harsh chemicals and biocides without compromising hygiene and health standards. Florock offers custom epoxy floor coating systems to help you achieve the cleanroom-like environment that patients and staff depend on.

Our array of floor coatings are designed and tested to meet the demands of any research or medical facility or laboratory environment.