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Aerospace Facilities

Aerospace and avionics are two unique scientific disciplines within the larger world of aviation. While aerospace concerns itself with the full spectrum of flight within and beyond the earth’s atmosphere, avionics involves the highly specialized electronics used in aerospace vehicles. Facilities that house aerospace or avionics operations have highly specialized flooring needs.


Outstanding chemical and solvent resistanceSeamless, impervious finishes


Aerospace Facility Flooring

The aerospace industry includes the many businesses that manufacture components and equipment for flight vehicles. Due to the complexity of such undertakings, no single group builds an aircraft on their own.  Instead, a staggering array of teams, integration specialists, engineers and mechanics are involved in designing, manufacturing and assembling the innumerable parts, systems and subsystems involved.

Investment in manpower and materials on the part of each company and organization involved in aerospace requires that facilities be set up as safely, efficiently and economically as possible.  Whether the end product is civil or governmental aircraft or spacecraft, the manufacturing process is tightly specified, including the buildings in which these activities take place.  That’s where our special aerospace industrial epoxy flooring comes in.



Epoxy Floor Coatings for Avionics – The Electronics of Aviation

Avionics consists of the state-of-the-art communications, navigation and flight management systems aboard aircraft, spacecraft and satellites. These highly specialized aviation electronics play a key role in the design and function of satellites, helicopters and airplanes of all kinds.  Facilities that manufacture and assemble avionics systems require electrostatic dissipative industrial epoxy flooring to help keep personnel, as well as avionic equipment, safe.

Like other semiconductor and electronics manufacturers, avionics facilities construct dust and contaminant -free clean rooms for the production of specific components, such as specialized microprocessors and circuit boards.  Our high performance clean room flooring, once cured, is inert, with no residual emissions something that this world of cutting-edge science demands.



Specialized Flooring for Specialized Industries

Our aerospace and avionics flooring is uniquely formulated to meet the needs of tightly specified facilities. Having worked with the U.S. Government and Corps of Engineers for more than a quarter decade, our R& D and QC laboratories well understand what it takes to get it right.

Just like the forward-thinking industries we serve, our team is always pushing the envelope to provide the latest high performance aerospace and avionics flooring values on the market. Consult with one of our regional technical representatives today!

Performance properties and options include:

  • Seamless, impervious finishes
  • Outstanding chemical and solvent resistance
  • Unparalleled abrasion resistance and wear
  • Slip-resistance, balanced with easy maintenance
  • Tenacious bond strength and adhesion
  • Moisture vapor transmission (MVT) mitigation, as required
  • Electrostatic dissipative and conductive flooring options
  • Variety of standard and custom colors
  • Very low solvent and zero V.O.C. options
  • Fast turnaround systems available
  • MPI approved and listed
  • Superior lifecycle value